The Scholars

Full Name: Minghao Guo
Home University: Department of Chinese Language and Literature Xiangtan
University, China
Research Project in UIUC: Traditional Chinese Literary Theory and
Aesthetics Research in North American Sinology

Full Name: Sea Won Kim
Home University: Environmental Engineering, Kyung-hee University, Korea
Research Project in UIUC: The impact of Tile Drainage on Illinois Agriculture

Full Name: Ran Wu
Home University:Department of Music,
Sichuan Normal University, China.
Research Project in UIUC:A study of American view of Korean modern history:
Analysis of American history textbook

Full Name: Xiaole Li
Home University: School of Law, Zhejiang Wanli University, China.
Research Project in UIUC: Prevention and Intervention in Family Violence to Women

Full Name: Yanfang Sun
Home University: Civil Engineering, Taiyuan University of Technology, China.
Research Project in UIUC: Construction Engineering and Management

Full Name: Ying Zou
Home University: Department of Comparative Literature, Fudan University, China.
Research Project in UIUC: Conversation and interpretation: The comparative study
between the didactic concept of Ancient Greek literature and the Confucian concept of
literature in Da Xue

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