Brown Bag Talks

Date & Time Presentor Title
Jan 24, 2019 Hongliang Wang Health Inequality in China
Feb 14, 2019 Liwei Zhang China’s Future: The Logic of Political Reform after the CCP’s 19th National Congress
Feb 21, 2019 Shanshan Wei A Study of the Flexed Burials in the Central Lake Region of Yunnan, China: from Neolithic to Bronze Age
Feb 28, 2019 Xue Che A Study on the Integration of Chinese Traditional Culture and Western Civilization Under the New Normal State: College English Intercultural Teaching Research
Mar 7, 2019 Yuanyuan Gu China’s International Education and Poverty Reduction of Source Countries: Evidence from the 'Belt and Road' Countries
Mar 14, 2019 Chunhui Tang R&D Internationalization, Product Diversification and International Performance for Emerging Market Enterprises: An Empirical Study on Chinese Enterprises
Apr 4, 2019 Hyejin Ko Has the training gap between regular and non-regular workers decreased since the enactment of laws for protecting non-regular workers?
Apr 18, 2019 Xiaoqing Tang Social Inclusion in Urban China
Apr 25, 2019 Mugiko Nishikawa Grassroots Activity and Media Strategy: How to Teach Alternative Media in the Class Room
May 2, 2019 Dongxiao Huo A Study of Qing Poems Written for Birthday Anniversaries of Famous Poets of the Past
May 9, 2019 Xiaoyong Cheng The Political and Economic Influence of 'The Belt and Road Initiative' in Southeast Asia