Spring 2017 Schedule

The Center for East Asian and Pacific Studies (CEAPS) is the steward of campus-wide teaching, research, programming, and outreach on East Asia, as well as Southeast Asia and the Pacific. CEAPS is a Department of Education Title VI National Resource Center for East Asia and strives to broadly support the research, teaching, and service missions of the University of Illinois. All events are free and open to the public unless otherwise noted.

Thursday, 12th The Poetic Dialogue Analysis of the Translation of The Book of Songs
Friday, 27th How Do Pro-patent Policies Drive SMEs' Patenting in China?
Tuesday, 14th AsiaLENS: Punch
Friday, 17th Study Abroad in Asia Summit
Tuesday, 21th In Response to Executive Order 9066: A Day of Rembembrance
Friday, 24th Reading Kimono in Text and on Screen: The Case of The Makioka Sisters
Monday, 27th Research on the Labor Relationship - Alerting and Coordinating based on Psychological Contract
Friday, 3rd Future at the Periphery: Young Adult Urban-to-rural Migration in South Korea
Friday, 3rd - Staruday, 4th China: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow Teacher Training Seminar
Monday, 6th From Silkworms to Textiles: Japan’s Historical Silk Production Demonstrated with Manual Machinery
Tuesday, 7th UIUC - Osaka City University Exchange Symposium
Thursday, 9th Twenty
Tuesday, 14th AsiaLENS:Playing with Fire: Women Actors of Afghanistan
Friday, 31th The Association between Rural–urban Migration Flows and Urban Air Quality in China
Friday, 7th Change above Glass Ceiling: Corporate Social Responsibility and Gender Diversity in Japanese Firms
Monday, 10th From Chinese Orthodox Classics to Western Holy Bible
Tuesday, 11th AsiaLENS: Don’t Think I’ve Forgotten
Thursday, 13th Korean Scholar-in-Residence
Wednesday, 19th You Call It Passion
Friday, 28th Migratory Surveillance and Strategic Resistance in Hong Kong
Monday, 1st The Colonial Responsibility in Japan-ROK Relations after 1965 and the US