The Illinois/Indiana East Asia Initiative (IL/IN EA), a partnership between the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (IL) and Indiana University at Bloomington (IN), became the IL/IN East Asia National Resource Center with the award of US Department of Education Title VI funding in 2006. This Consortium maximizes the established synergy between and joint impact of these two strong EA programs, and builds on a long history of informal interactions and an intensive eight month collaboration between IL's EA and Pacific Studies Center (EAPS) and IN's EA Studies Center (EASC). These two state universities have strong service missions and long-term institutional ties as members of the Committee on Institutional Cooperation (CIC), a 12-university collaborative partnership housed at IL. Between us, we have 117 East Asia faculty, nearly 300 East Asia-focused graduate students, and over 900,000 East Asia library holdings, and between 2003-2005 we offered over 300 EA classes in 27 departments over 2003-05. IL and IN professional schools have considerable EA strength (e.g., in business, education, and law) with 21 faculty and over 68 EA-focused graduate students. The IL and IN 2006-2010 Consortium theme is Extending Professional Knowledge with a learning, teaching, and outreach initiative. In addition to projects at each institution, over the 4 years of the grant the Consortium will work together on a number of projects, including the following.

Science and Technology in the Pacific Century (STIP).

STIP builds on IL's national profile in agriculture and engineering, and IN's in the biological and information sciences to consider the impact of East Asia Science and Technology on business and society in both East Asia and the United States.

National Dissertation Workshops

These workshops will feature IL/IN areas of national strength in annual 2-day spring gatherings.

IL-IN East Asian Summer Seminars

These short-term study experiences will allow advanced undergraduates and graduate students to study intensively with some of the University of Illinois and Indiana University’s leading East Asia scholar and to forge ties with IL/IN scholars that will enhance their training

East Asia Fair

To encourage learning about East Asia in high schools, the Consortium will sponsor an annual gathering for high school students and their instructors