Mandarin Summer Language Camp

Center for East Asian and Pacific Studies

The Center for East Asian and Pacific Studies (CEAPS) at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is the steward of campus-wide educational and scholarly activities with respect to East Asia including Southeast Asia as well as the Greater Pacific Region.

CEAPS, along with its consortium partner, The East Asian Studies at Indiana University is a Title IV National Resource Center devoted to the enhancement of campus teaching and learning about East Asia and to outreach activities for educators, K-12 Students, Media and Business professionals and the general public in Illinois and beyond.

The Confucius Institute (CI)

Support for teaching about China is provided by a generous grant from The Confucius Institute (CI), whose mission is to enhance intercultural understanding in the U.S. by supporting and organizing Chinese language and culture programs. The CI at the University of Illinois was established jointly by the College of Education, the Center for East Asian and Pacific Studies, and Jiangxi Normal University (JXNU).

Department of Education: Title VI

Support for outreach to K-12 teachers and community college educators is provided by a Title VI Grant from the International and Foreign Language Education Office of the Office of Postsecondary Education in the United States Department of Education. The Center for East Asian and Pacific Studies is recognized as a National Resource Center for teaching about East Asia by the Department of Education.